Since she was young, Cecily has always loved art; painting, writing, illustration, and scrapbooking, which is very serious art. The paths of life sometimes weave and curve, but eventually, Cecily found her passion in photography. So, she attended the Academy of Art University and graduated with a Bachelors of Art in Photography in 2013. After this time, she joined her family’s wine business, Parrish Family Vineyard, as General Manager.
Even though there wasn’t a focus on photography, her skills and creativity have been valuable. Over the last eight years, Cecily has designed marketing material, wine labels, websites, and social media content for the winery. She also, of course, has been the resident photographer capturing the life of the business. Her vineyard photographs are available for viewing throughout the winery’s tasting room.
In 2018, Cecily picked up another art, but in the culinary arts, learning how to bake sourdough. She took lessons with local Chef William Carter. She used this skill for the new food program at the tasting room, but this has translated to an appreciation of the art of yeast, flour, and water.
While her day job keeps her busy, she does slowly work on personal projects of fine and conceptual art, landscapes, and portraiture.
Other passions of Cecily are Jesus, her husband, her pups and chickens, coffee, gardening, and cooking/baking.