Body Image

I began working on a Body Image project in 2012. It has morphed several times into various series. After a hiatus, I began working on the series to revamp it another time. This time I feel it is right where it should be, but I need to work on it more, so it is a work in progress...very similar to life.

Body image is important to me because I have seen so many struggle with it. It is a constant plague for many women and men I know, including a woman I know very well, myself. I spent years, upon years struggling and then one day I realized that God created me and He is the artist defining me. He created the sky, the trees, and can I admire those things, but not even be thankful for the reflection in the mirror? This realization set me free and I have been learning from it every day. 


Whether you believe in God or not, I know many of us are quick to admire nature and slow to show respect to human beauty. That is what has inspired this revamped series as I have composited blurred wild flowers to coat portraits that show human beauty as well as the struggle of accepting beauty. 

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